New patented technology
Tear and wipe ultra resistant
High flame resistance
Delicate for skin

Regardless being a professional or a great lover, a motorcyclist, a rally driver, a cyclist or a snowboarder. You do extreme sports or have a hazardous job as a fire fighter or a lumberjack. Adiuva High-Tech underwear provides safety for You.

The patented fabrics produced by us in AdiuvaSplit® technology is an ideal solution for creating an additional protective layer. Fire-proof, resistant to abrasion, cutting and tearing makes Adiuva High-Tech underwear the last bastion looking after Your safety. High quality of implemented fabrics and perfect workmanship provide comfort and do not cause irritation. Adiuva High-Tech underwear is light, non-hazardous for health and children. Its effective breathing and sweat absorbing properties make the wearer feel satisfied as there occur no blisters. The main component – aramid fibres are mainly used for production of bullet proof vests, jet engines covers, space technologies and reinforcements for cement constructions. As the first company due to AdiuvaSplit® technology we connected aramid fibres with 100% cotton providing comfort and safety. This is not a fantasy, this is something you keep in your hands.


Aramid Fibres

Bullet-proof vests, protective layers in clothes for firefighters, aviators, car racing drivers and astronauts are made of aramid fibres. Aramids are also used for production of bars which are included in yacht masts, skiing sticks and other elements requiring high mechanical resistance. Aramids are characterized by high mechanical, thermal and flame resistance.


Cotton is one of the oldest and the most popular materials used for production of clothes. It has hygroscopic features which means it absorbs sweat very well. It is also durable and high temperature resistant. Apart from that, cotton is soft and easyonthehand therefore it does not irritate skin.

Stronger than steel

Aramid fibres are up to 5 times stronger in terms of tear resistance than steel with the same mass. Due to the aforementioned Adiuva High-Tech underwear protects You against abrasions, cuts and tearing. Additional, double strengthening on elbows, shoulders, knees, buttocks and hips increase resistance. The products is manufactured in accordance with the European PN-EN ISO 13934-1:2013-07 and PN-EN ISO 12947-2:2000 + AC:2006 norms.

Fire resistance

Adiuva High-Tech underwear is resistant to fire, heat, high temperature and heated metal chips. The underwear will not ignite for 10 seconds, will not shrink and will not explode even it is influenced by high temperature of 500 Celsius degrees. This is the time which is often the time limit for life or death. Fire resistance is confirmed by a certificate and fulfills the PN-EN ISO 15025-2005 European norm.


Implemented AdiuvaSplit® technology connects aramid fibres with 100% cotton making the fabric soft and safe. Breathing and sweat absorbing properties of the product as well as flat stitches implemented provide great comfort despite its protective character. Aduiva High-Tech underwear is also light and easy cleaning.

Our products

Secure your trousers!

Send to us Your trousers (jeans) and we will secure them perfectly. With applying aramid fibres (kevlar), we guarantee increased protection from tear and wipe. We are sewing in trousers pieces of kevlar, using original stitches, to provide additional strengthening on knees, hips and buttocks.

Navy-blue and orange stitches keep the charachter of jeans.

Please, click below, see this for yourself and be safe.





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